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Every idea realizes its full potential and every technology translates into a company—a world where hi-tech companies with great technology do not fail due to lack of the right IT manpower scaling strategy

Despite technology success, initial adoption, and promising opportunities, many mid-stage and late-stage startups—almost 90% of them—fail to become a successful product company. Well, there is many a slip between the cup and the lip! To ensure sustained profitable growth, these companies must:

  • Hire top talent
  • Ensure rapid sustainable hiring
  • Utilize capital optimally
  • Provide 360 degree services

Most companies fail to meet these requirements due to lack of right execution partners who can help them during this phase.

Our experience has helped us identify best practices and design processes that specifically cater to requirements of such mid-stage and late-stage start ups. We provide an excellent manpower and help these companies succeed.

To be the scaling and execution partner of world’s emerging hi-tech companies

Opportunities are short-lived in the universe of hi-tech companies. Hence, they must act fast to capitalize on business opportunities. Staying competitive and thriving in this fast changing market requires on-demand execution power and high agility.

Gaian Consultants helps companies in overcoming challenges and executing their plans, within limited budget, by leveraging the best of Indian IT talent pool. The average age of an Indian IT professional is ≈28, which ensures long term sustainability and makes us a safe bet.

At Gaian Consultants, we have lived the journey (via our other business interests); we have created products from scratch, faced all the challenges, and have successfully expanded our operations to serve customers around the globe. We have partnered with many startups and helped them expand their operations to become leading companies in their verticals.

Gaian Consultants intends to be the agile execution partner that helps companies in scaling up to meet their global demands by providing quality services at a highly competitive price. Our experience in IT outsourcing and our extraordinary team, some of the best Indian IT talent, make us the catalyst that companies need in order to excel.