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Neither are all companies same, nor are all engineers!

What make us unique is our people, our values, and our way of doing things—intangibles that cannot be measured or modeled in business terms, but the ones that truly make a difference. We, at Gaian Consultants, provide a dedicated team of experts to accelerate your ODC launch and set up process. We build teams with suitable and sustainable talent pool, and provide uninterrupted services; we have proven recruitment and retention strategies to ensure this. We have dedicated shared services to provide support, HR, and administrative functions. And what’s more? We are committed to excellence.

10+ Years | 200+ Engineers | 10+ Patents

Gaian Consultants is a part of the Gaian Group, whose other business interests include product development. This experience in product development coupled with our experience providing consulting services helps us understand your requirements easily and process them efficiently to deliver effective and timely solutions. We know how to be responsive to changing requirements and priorities. We set up processes which help us work hand-in-hand with your development centers without much dependency while providing complete visibility into our operations.

All you need to do is wave the green flag!

Gaian Consultants provides dedicated infrastructure including on-premise hardware setup, software licenses, desktops, and servers. We are also proficient in using cloud services and cloud platforms. We can operate under various levels of physical and network security as defined by you.

Gaian Consultants is proficient in hiring, training, and retaining exceptional talent. Our engagement model bills you only for the engineering services; all other functions such as HR, finance and accounting are provided as a part of our engineering services and are not chargeable.