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Gaian Consultants has a deep understanding of the online and TV advertising world. Our strength in this space allows us to provide market insights and provide world class consulting services.

Gaian Consultants has helped develop many Interactive Advertisement Bureau (IAB) compliant applications including:

  1. Content management systems—On-premise and cloud based applications to manage and deliver ad content.
  2. Ad insertion technologies—Software products to deliver targeted TV and online advertising. These solutions comply with the Open Real-Time Bidding (OpenRTB) specifications.
  3. Ad exchange systems—Advertising platforms to deliver targeted programmatic advertising, facilitate 3rd party advertisers to book and bid for ads, manage ad rates and campaigns. These solutions comply with the Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) and Video Player Ad-Interface Definition (VPAID) standards.
  4. IAB complaint supply side platforms—Sell side platform to gather intelligence and manage ad space inventory.

Our work in the Advertising space is unparalleled and makes us a highly valuable partner.


Monetizing online channels using advertisements requires maintaining great customer experience while generating ad revenues. Here at Gaian, we deal with "All things advertisements". The work I enjoyed most was strategizing and developing an ad management and insertion engine, and the algorithms that powered analytics-based targeted advertising. I am very excited about the various ideas that are floating in the market about unlocking revenues through advertising.

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