Enterprise application integration services (EAI), ETL services, Custom middleware development

Enterprise Application Integration

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Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)

Gaian Consultants plays a crucial role and has provided enterprise application integration services to various companies. We specialize in creating connectors/custom adapters required for application integration. We provide offshore development services to one of the world’s fastest growing enterprise application integration (EAI) platforms.

Gaian Consultants’ enterprise application integration service offerings include:

Planning services

  • Integration architecture design
  • Process and data modeling
  • Product evaluation/Recommendations

Implementation services

  • Solution implementation
  • Custom adapters/connectors creation
  • Custom middleware development

Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL)

Gaian Consultants has provided offshore consulting services for various companies and has helped implement simple and highly flexible ETL solutions. We have also developed pipelines for one of the best ETL product companies.

Gaian Consultants’ ETL service offerings include:

Requirement analysis and solution design services

  • Data mapping specification
  • Optimal control flow and data flow designs

Solution implementation services

  • Adapter/plug-in configuration
  • Custom adapter creation
  • Custom transformation scripts creation

Testing services

  • Data validation
  • Performance testing
  • For more information about testing services, see Product Testing.

Our experience and expertise in enterprise application services make us one of the most preferred offshore partners.

Kamal Gade

I enjoy puzzles; coming up with a distinct product/solution by orchestrating multiple business functionalities is the supreme puzzle I solve at work. I have served in different capacities in the EAI/ETL projects, but in the recent times, data modeling, application adapters, enterprise architecture, and enterprise integration are the things I have been working on.

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