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Gaian Consultants has deep experience in media and video and provides services to develop solutions ranging from digital signage solutions (for the retail and travel industry) to middleware solutions (for content distributors) to OTT platforms for content distribution services (for the media industry).

Gaian Consultants provides offshore development services to develop solutions that can meet all content delivery needs including content capture, ingest, DRM, asset management, content distribution, content streaming, STB solutions, targeted advertising, and analytics.

Our skill set encompasses all the aspects of media and video solutions including:

  • Using Reference Design Kit (RDK)
  • Socket layer programming
  • Creating video player frameworks
  • Creating set-top box middleware solutions
  • Advertising platforms
  • Developing HTML5 TV and mobile apps

Gaian Consultants is continuously innovating in this space and has filed the following patents:

  • Contextual TV services
  • OTT, analytics, and video delivery
  • Dynamic broadcast delay calculation
  • TV for all screens
  • CMS technologies for Robust performance over satellite
  • Active-Active Redundancy Scheme
  • Look Ahead Processing
  • SSFG
  • Video Wall
  • Search video quality through ratings

Gaian Consultants is the best offshore partner and frontrunner in the media and video space!

Anil Vemulapally

Video is my content of choice. I work on video player frameworks, content management systems, and content insertion technologies. The growing need of video and the end-consumer demands is helping us innovate more than any out-of-the-box idea. In the media and video space, I have helped clients with broadcast-grade graphic presentations, non-invasive ad insertions, and video analytics based advertising.

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