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Gaian Consultants has rich experience in delivering mobility solutions in B2E, B2B, and B2C segments. We have provided offshore development services to create mobile application frameworks and highly complex mobile apps. We also have our own mobile analytics frameworks to help speed up the development process for our clients.

We provide end-to-end mobility services including:

Strategy services

  • Define Roadmap and identify key success factors
  • Determine tools and frameworks
  • Create solution architecture

Application development and migration services

  • User experience
  • Develop complex apps and frameworks
  • Mobile enable complex business applications
  • Integrate with other data sources/value added services

Testing and maintenance services

  • Test mobile solutions using test automation frameworks
  • Incorporate new features/Updates
  • For more information about testing services, see Product Testing.

Infrastructure management services

  • Manage user access
  • Manage data backups, and security
  • Risk analysis

If you are looking for Mobility consulting services, partnering with Gaian Consultants is the best way forward.


I started as a web application developer, at the time Mobile-first strategy was just catching up. After the avalanche of connect devices and hi-speed internet connectivity, mobile-first strategy and mobility is (almost always) a mandate. The mechanics of content curation, generation, and presentation on a mobile screen is so fluid that what's optimal now isn't optimal in a few months. I enjoy keeping up with the fast-paced technological advancements in the mobility space.

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