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Developing world class products and updating them, within short timeframes, plays a crucial role in meeting market demands and helps stay ahead of the competition.

Gaian Consultants provides dedicated offshore development services to help meet these development requirements. Gaian Consultants works with you to understand your requirements and deploys exceptional IT talent to work on product development. You can engage to:

  • Share a part of the development process
  • Build add-ons for existing products
  • Cloud-enable or mobile-enable your products
  • Create POC/MVP

We provide developers who have the required skill set and can work as per your company style and standards. Our developers work with your development teams without much dependency while providing complete visibility.

When you engage us to create a proof of concept (POC) or a minimum viable product (MVP), we collaborate with you and form a special project team. We use rapid application development to complete the development process in a short duration within budget. This ensures that you do not lose focus on your core activities while venturing into unknown territories.

We have provided development services to many clients across the world. These services span across various verticals including cloud technologies, enterprise integration, mobility solutions, media and video, embedded systems, and advertising technologies.

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