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If you are a late stage startup witnessing initial product success and need quick growth to meet global demands, then Gaian is the right partner to handle offshore product development. By strategically delegating the hassles of software development and maintenance to software product engineering specialists, you can now focus on your core business.

A product’s future hinges on the consistency and innovativeness of product engineering. Our software product engineering services help you design, build, test, and maintain high quality products, modules, and components with significantly shorter development timelines, lower development costs, and also mitigate risks.

Successful product engineering combines deep technical expertise and insights to create leading-edge business strategies. Gaian will be an extension of your product team, which executes your vision with attention to various aspects like future-proof architecture, software security, and user experience.

Gaian Consultants is not only proficient with later stages of product development but also specializes in the most crucial initial phases—Ideation, Landscape Analysis, and Prototyping/Rapid application development.


In order to create great products, you need to take into consideration a lot of parameters such as market requirements, product usability, and design. Usually, there is a tendency to stay focused on a single aspect and lose sight of other important ones. So, during the product ideation phase, expert opinions play a major role in getting proper insights into the market and user behavior. These insights help you have a great product design and strategy in place before you start product development activities.

Gaian Consultants provides industry experts who help you in the ideation stage by providing insights into all the crucial aspects and help you design a great product. We help identify markets and provide feature inputs, user experience and design inputs. We also help you shortlist the features that are required to create a minimum viable product (MVP) so that you can enter the market faster.

Landscape Analysis

Does your product idea resemble a leap of faith? Are you hoping for the best and planning with a healthy dose of optimistic guesswork? If so, you will benefit a lot from our landscape analysis service.

There are many reasons to use our landscape analysis services, but some of the biggest problems that can be addressed are inaccurate scoping and lack of long term sustainability. We help you by providing a detailed analysis of your product feasibility and profitability. We also assist with a thorough competitive product analysis. Our landscape analysis also helps you with:

  • Product architecture
  • Usage of development tools, languages and frameworks to ensure scalability and flexibility
  • Usability analysis
  • Study of deployment models


When you wish to test your concept for creating a new software product, you may not want to risk developing the complete product but you might want to test the waters by creating a proof of concept (POC) or a minimum viable product (MVP).

Gaian Consultants can partner with you create a POC/MVP by forming a special project team from our Center of Excellence. We can also help you build add-ons for existing products, test new technology adoption and enable your product on mobile or cloud.

We use rapid application development to ensure quality, mitigate risk, and complete the development in a short duration within budget. This helps you do not lose focus from your core activities while venturing into unknown territories.

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