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Developer Operations, also known as DevOps, reinforces collaboration between developers and the IT operations teams. The DevOps function is essential for global enterprises that must meet competitive demand through continuous integration and delivery of their software products.

Gaian Consultants offers you a deploy-ready DevOps function that can manage your software build and release cycles. Our engineers help you compile, assemble, and deliver bug-free software product builds. This ensures that your entire focus is on product strategy.


Accelerated time to market
High development and test environment utilization
Minimal downtime due to deployments


  • Release management
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Code inspection and integration
  • Configuration management
  • Deployment automation and orchestration

Gaian Consultants' DevOps function accelerates cloud enablement and technology migrations.

Cloud Enablement

It is increasingly imperative to cloud enable your products and services to reduce costs and overheads associated with managing large in-house infrastructure. However, migration to cloud comes with many challenges.

Gaian Consultants provide remote infrastructure management services that help you create a cloud ecosystem that comprises of provisioning, metering, securing, and reporting. We have a lot of expertise and experience in building teams that design, architect, develop and test different types of PaaS and SaaS products across verticals.

Technology Migrations

If you are using legacy technology and want to migrate to new or latest technology, Gaian Consultants can ease up the process by taking ownership of entire migration process. Our knowledge and expertise coupled with our ability to build the right team with the right talent, makes migration an effortless activity.

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