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HTML5 App Authoring Framework

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Gaian Consultants plays a vital role in developing HTML5 Apps for many companies. We have drawn requirements from all our engagements to create an easy-to-use HTML5 App authoring framework that accelerates the development process and cuts down costs. Our HTML5 app authoring framework is best suited for creating apps which need rich media content delivery or consumption.

Our App Authoring framework provides a delivery wrapper to meet the distribution needs of consumers as well as businesses intending to consume or provide television based VAS wide application wrappers.

HTML5 App Authoring Framework

Core features of our HTML5 App Authoring framework:

  • Run-time environment required for application life cycle
  • Deployment on managed networks and unmanaged networks
  • Integration with Adwize Agent for targeted advertising
  • Application management capabilities
  • User authentication and account information management
  • Parental control and content rating
  • Data downloads queuing, periodic data refresh, and caching
  • Live data retrieval via RSS feeds, web services, and third-party sources
  • Data configuration and loading according to subscriber’s location
  • App widgets such as Weather, Stock updates, News, and Sports updates
  • Configurable through operations director or cloud
  • Provision subscriber preferred data

If there is a requirement for HTML5 apps authoring, Gaian Consultants can accelerate your development and deployment process using our prebuilt HTML5 App Authoring framework.

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