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Mobile Analytics Framework

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Gaian Consultants plays a vital role in developing Mobile Apps, which use analytics, for many companies. We have drawn requirements from all our engagements to create a Mobile Analytics framework that accelerates the development process and cuts down costs. Our Mobile Analytics framework uses an agent-based approach and provides a non-intrusive approach to provide real-time analytics.

Our framework allows you to create apps that provide insights into demographic patterns, psychographic patterns, behavioral patterns and many more. Our analytics service captures user data and stores it on the cloud. Our mining service helps process nouns and verbs and sends data to a population service which manages user grouping. For instance, if you are a content delivery network or a content provider, your existing content can be packaged to provide different experiences to your audience.

Mobile Analytics framework

We provide a dashboard application and REST APIs to perform management tasks such as viewing analytics data, managing groups, and managing campaigns.

If you are developing Mobile Apps which need analytics, our Mobile Analytics framework is the best way forward.

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