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Gaian Consultants plays a vital role in testing software products and solutions for many companies. We have drawn requirements from all our engagements to create a test results reporting framework that provides visibility, accelerates the development process, and cuts down costs. Our test results reporting framework provides real-time analytics.

Advantages of our test results reporting framework include:

Lightweight test reporting tool
lightweight test report tool
Software product testing services
Supports multiple operating systems
QA consulting services
Reduces infrastructure costs
Software and scalability testing framework
Flexible and scalable

Salient features of our test results reporting framework include:

  • Real time automation test reporting
  • Regression test results history maintenance
  • Easy integration with any automation framework
  • Post results to any test management tool
  • Screenshot maintenance

If you are looking for test result reporting solutions, look no further, our prebuilt test result reporting framework can be put to use to suit your development requirements.

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